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Early custom bikes

Of course, no sooner did people settle on a standardized form for the bicycle, than they began to create variations of said form for specific functions. For example, the first bicycle races were held in France in the 1860’s. Racing bicycles became lighter and faster over the decades, and their users tinkered with the brakes…


Custom Bike Design

Bicycles have a surprisingly long history. The first two-wheeled, human-powered vehicle was the dandy horse or Laufmaschine (German for “running machine”). The rider would simply sit astride it and push it along with their feet while walking or running. Unlike later velocipedes, the dandy horse did not have pedals. “Velocipede” comes from the Latin for…

history if bicycles gaerlen

Early Experiments

The earliest velocipedes, including the dandy horse, were largely made of wood. The mass-produced French bikes had frames made from two pieces of iron bolted together. The 1860’s also saw the first attempt at making a motorcycle, which was then described as “the Michaux-Perreaux steam velocipede.” It was simply a bicycle with a steam engine…