Importance of Employee Recognition and Custom Awards

In every organization where the employees are hired by resume or by application and not by family ties, there is a need to show that the management is aware of each employee’s abilities and contributions to the successful operation of the organization. Typically, the owner of the organization will ask his staff to assess the value of each employee. He will then carefully go over each assessment and arrive at some conclusion on which employee is the better qualified in his area, which employee is most on time, which employee seeks to help others, which employee tries to take the load off of other employees by volunteering for added duties, and other assessments similar to these.

Useful Assessment of customers

The object of these assessments is organization centered to develop criteria to present an award to the winner of each assessment and to recognize that winner at some organization activity, in the media or in the workplace.

The assessment presents its own possibility in custom awards to be given to the winner. The most helpful employee can be awarded with his or her own private secretary for a week or given free time with pay to relax at home or where he or she chooses. These custom awards should fit the assessment since it would give the entire employee recognition activity more competitive qualities to ensure better performance by all employees in the future. After all, what is the purpose of employee recognition but an attempt to improve the organization by making it more profitable and thereby successful. Fitting the custom award to the kind of employee recognition given can work in other ways as well.

Selection of the Appropriate Award

For example, an employee has volunteered to help someone in the organization or even outside of the organization in some special way. If the help has been time consuming and shows the exemplary character of the employee, some kind of recognition is due him. His service can be mentioned in public at a gathering of other organizations with a special plaque awarded to him for his service. There is no need for monetary awards in these cases since some people are given to doing acts of kindness by personality and would really be offended at a monetary award. Of course, that is not always the case. If the employee had to spend his own money as well as his time in performing the act of kindness to someone in the community, a monetary award would also be nice if presented along with a plague and a sincere expression of appreciation by the owner of his organization and by his fellow workers.

Benefits of Awards

Getting recognized in public for some activity or for some ability can be very exciting and motivating. That is the purpose behind employee recognition. The recognition should be done using the highest degree of tact and consideration for the feelings of all workers in the organization. The way to do that is by explaining the process of employee recognition at an awards activity. Some people are naturally reticent or some people are very self-abasing. These character traits will soon become obvious in any activity that involves deciding who is the best typist, for example, or who is the best coffee maker. The type of work that is to be recognized is also as important to the personality of the person receiving the award as is the work that he or she is being recognized as having done. Naturally, if the employee recognition is for the employee who brought in the most contracts or made the most sales or invited the most promising clients into the organization as clients, then the custom award could be a cup with his name emblazoned and words like, this employee is awarded the cup for his superior sales in promoting the organizations products.